I Played Point

Did you know?  Blake Griffin played up on the 8th grade team as a 5th grader?

Why point that out?  Well, if you play with guys that much older than you, chances are you will be smaller than them.  Such was the case in this example and because of that Blake played point guard all through his middle school days.

Fast forward, Blake is now a 6’10 power forward in the NBA.  How are the two linked?  In middle school, he learned a valuable skill – how to put your teammates in a position to score easily. This is a common trend with most successful players, they learn this skill at a early age.

So now as 6’10 post player who can involve their teammates, how does passing from the post automatically make Blake a better scorer.  If you are capable of putting your teammates in a position to score by being a great passer – the help-side defense has to honor that.  What does that create?  Space.  What is the worst thing you can give a great scorer?  Space.  So…by being able to pass you create space to score.

It is ESSENTIAL to learn the skill of how to put your teammates in a position to use their strengths while playing youth basketball.

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